Canaan Community Academy...

Authorized by Ball State University Office of Charter Schools in December of 2011, the Canaan Community Academy is scheduled to open in the fall of 2012. Plans for the school can be found on our School Design page. However, plans for the school extend far past what is summarized on this website. The 285 page proposal to charter outlines the school's mission, curriculum, staffing, and administrative plans. School leaders are actively working to implement those plans and further define the details in the operations of the school. 

For more in depth information, feel free to reach out via the information on the Participate page.

Following a precedent...
Rural Community Academy in Sullivan, Indiana and Rock Creek Community Academy in Sellersburg, Indiana are two successful charter schools in communities similar to Canaan with operating models the Canaan Community Academy plans to emulate.
Rural Community Academy
  • Established in 2003 as the first rural charter school in Indiana
  • Mission is to nurture accomplished students who achieve their very best academically and personally in a rural community setting
  • School board consists of two parents, two community members, and a student representative
  • Serves students in K-6
  • Limits class size to 20
Rock Creek Community Academy
  • Mission is to "deliver behavioral and academic excellence through small class sizes, building character, and a safe, nurturing community environment"
  • Opened fall of 2010
  • Previously the Rock Creek Christian Academy
  • Offers classes from K-12
A charter school is...
  • A public school, funded by the state but governed by a charter
  • Tuition Free
  • Locally controlled by a school board usually comprised of parents and community members
  • Staffed with licensed educators
  • Open to any student in the state in which it's located
  • Allowed more flexibility in exchange for more accountability to charter sponsor
  • Expected to meet state standards and provide same services as any public school
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